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Managing your private and corporate tax compliance


We will be happy to manage your private Dutch income tax (including social security premiums) return. We have broad experience with filing income tax returns for private taxpayers who are Dutch tax residents and who generate their personal income wholly or partly in a foreign country.

One example of this is the situation where a Dutch tax resident with a private house (including mortgage loan) in the Netherlands works full time in Switzerland, arriving on Monday and leaving on Friday. Another example concerns a Dutch tax resident with a private house (including mortgage loan) who spends several weeks working in the on-shore oil and gas industry in Yemen and then returns home for three weeks. Innovative Tax arranged with the tax authorities that this tax payer was entitled to a credit to avoid double taxation on the basis of a special policy decision of the State Secretary of the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

We will also be happy to manage your company’s corporate income tax compliance. This starts with registering the company with the Dutch tax authorities. Innovative Tax is entitled to a special policy of the Dutch tax authorities on the basis of which the taxpayer can opt for an extension of the term to file the corporate income tax return. If the corporate taxpayer is too late with filing the return, the tax authorities may issue a hefty fine (up to € 4,920, figures 2013) On the basis of the company’s annual accounts, Innovative Tax is able to file the Dutch corporate income tax return. When the tax authorities have issued a corporate income tax assessment, Innovative Tax will check whether this assessment is correct. If the tax authorities have deviated from the filed tax return, Innovative Tax will file an objection if we do not agree with the deviation.

Innovative Tax also has experience with filing VAT returns for (inter)national operating companies. If necessary, Innovative Tax cooperates with VAT specialists in the case of complex VAT issues.

Innovative Tax does not provide pay roll services but cooperates with specialists who do supply these services. These might include managing the registration as withholding agent for Dutch wage taxes and social security premiums, preparing the monthly salary slip of the company’s employees and preparing and filing the monthly wage tax return.

Innovative Tax has broad experience with filing various tax returns. Please feel free to ask us for a fee quote. We offer attractive fee arrangements. After your approval, we will start our activities.


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